2017 Policies for Grooming Customers

Please review our Policies for the protection of your dog and the assurance of great service!

Wag and Wash PDF Client agreement

Prior to your grooming appointment please DOWNLOAD, REVIEW AND SIGN our

“Client Grooming Agreement”. These policies are for the protection of your dog!

Proof of Vaccination

We will require pet’s vaccination history and veterinarian contact before setting a scheduled appointment time. We will call your vet to verify that your pet is up to date on his or her shots. This is for the safety of the pet stylist, your pet and other pets in our salon.

Parasite Policy

We believe that it is the pet owner’s responsibility to keep their pets pest free. There are dozens of ways to treats parasites and we can answer any of your questions. But we are pet stylists not exterminators. We can sell you the products to keep fleas and ticks off of your dog.

We ask that you do not bring them into our shop where they could go home on other pets already groomed or in the process thereof. There will now be a $50 charge for special shop cleanup and dogs will be sent home undone.

If you suspect your dog has fleas, call us, come in and pick up a tablet of Capstar; apply Frontline and then schedule your appointment. We thank you for your cooperation.

Appointment Booking, Cancellation and Late Arrival

In order to book a grooming appointment with us, we ask our customers to adhere to several strict policies.

A) If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late for your appointment., please be so kind as to call, otherwise we may schedule another pet in your time-slot. If you are more than a half hour late we have the right to refuse to groom your pet.

B) We are courteous enough to notify you of your impending appointment 48 hours in advance(via phone call, text and email), therefore, if you have to cancel, again please be so kind as to notify us immediately. Cancellation after 24 hours or lack thereof will result in a No Show.

C) After one no-show, a payment of $35 will be added to your bill in addition to your pet’s regular grooming fee. After an accumulation of two no shows, a non-refundable deposit will be required in order to schedule your pet for grooming and payment for one of the missed and/or payment for the full groom will be required.

You must understand, when you don’t show up, we lose income and the opportunity to book another customer’s dog who may be in dire need of grooming. We lose income and we have bills to pay just like our customers. We are also standing around waiting for our next appointment. This is not fair to us or to our other customers.

D) Please walk your pet before entering the salon. There will now be a $5.00 clean up fee added to your bill.

E) There is also a $30 fee for any returned checks. There will be no exceptions.

We do understand that emergencies arise and even the best planned schedules are often disrupted by unforeseen emergencies, however, we are kind, loving and respectful to your pets and we expect the same courtesy. We prefer to spend our time pampering your pets not enforcing policies, but we are running a business like any other and therefore, we must make these policies available to all our customers.

Spay/Neuter Information

We can help you if you are looking for low cost spay/neuter for your pet. Wag 'N Wash advocates spaying and neutering to reduce the amount of unwanted pets dropped at shelters everyday and to protect the health of your pet.

Ample info is available at the info table located at the entrance to the shop. Low cost spay/neuter applications from "Friends of Animals" are available for the asking.